How to Add People to Meta Business Manager


Adding people to Meta Business Manager (formerly known as Facebook Business Manager) is a common task for those who manage advertising accounts and pages on Facebook and Instagram. If you’d like more topics related to social media management, online advertising, or other digital marketing topics, please feel free to ask. Here’s a guide on how to add people to Meta Business Manager:

Access Meta Business Manager:

  • Go to the Meta Business Manager website and log in with your Facebook account credentials. You’ll need to be an admin or have the necessary permissions to manage users.

Open Business Settings:

Once logged in, click on the “Business Settings” option in the top right corner of the dashboard. It looks like a gear icon.

Navigate to People:

  • In the left-hand menu, you should see an option for “People” under “People and Assets.” Click on it.

Add a New Person:

  • Click on the “People” tab within the “People and Assets” section.
  • Then click the “Add People” button.

Enter Email Addresses:

  • In the pop-up window, enter the email addresses of the people you want to add. Make sure the email addresses are associated with their Facebook accounts.

Assign Roles:

  • Choose the role you want to assign to each person. There are different roles, including admin, editor, analyst, etc., each with varying levels of access.

Send Invitation:

  • After filling out the required information, click “Next” or “Save” to send an invitation to the person. They will receive an email notification and must accept the invitation to be added to your Business Manager.


  • Once they accept the invitation or if you added someone with an existing Facebook account, they will be added to your Business Manager, and you’ll see their name in the list of people associated with your business.

Please keep in mind that the specific steps and options may have changed after my last update. Be sure to refer to the most recent Meta Business Manager documentation or support resources for the most current and accurate instructions, as the platform’s features and user interface may have been updated since then.

Varun Mishra

Varun Mishra

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